I don’t remember the last time I bought a beer just because of its name.  And I don’t mean the name of the brewery.  Granted, this one came from a reputable brewery, Lagunitas.  However, by name I’m referring to the moniker of the beer itself.  This one just caught me right away.  It’s Wilco Tango Foxtrot.  I saw the “tango” first, found that interesting.  It has a nifty “subtitle”, too.  “A malty, robust, jobless recovery ale.”  Pithy and a tad sarcastic.  I couldn’t say no.  And it was only $4.89 for twenty-two ounces.

  Great, things are a tad blurred and I hadn’t even taken a drinky yet!  I get to practice my beer photography skills.

Wilco Tango Foxtrot looks like tea when poured.

Held up to a light it is red, like a cherry flavored hard candy.

Hops arise from the frothy head immediately.    There’s some sweetness in the aroma, too, but mostly a grassy hops.  And, goodness, those hops cut into the throat with the first gulp.  Great.  Hops.  I realize they are somewhat necessary for beer, but, really, American brewers have gone overboard with that particular product of the vine.  This beer is an example of that.  It looks beautiful, but it’s dominated by that blasted green pellet.  Well, perhaps they don’t use pellets, but I hope you get my point.  I am no hops fan.  It doesn’t make beer art as so many brewers seem to think.  These seem to be the Cascade-ish kind.  It’s a little oily.  On the plus side, it’s 7.8% abv.  I can’t really complain about that.  But, I can complain that I just burped hops.  Maybe it just needs to warm up so that some other flavors can assert themselves.

Very well, I have waited for a time.  The hops have faded for a bit.  It tastes a little bready and a little tangy all at once.  It’s supposed to be a brown ale, I think.  According to (note:  controversial subject about to be raised) the Brewer’s Association,  “American brown ales have evident low to medium hop flavor and aroma, medium to high hop bitterness, and a medium body.”   Right, well, I agree with the high hop bitterness.  But the aroma and flavor were too much, at least for me.  I got a little roasted malt out of it.

Oh, it’s a good beer, very well done.  There’s just too much hops for the likes of me, which makes it a little disappointing.

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