I was born in Texas.  I like Shiner Bock.  And other Shiner beers.  Because they were brewed in Texas.  I’m sure I’ll be mocked for this but I shall make this point stand out clearly:  I’d drink Coors if it had been brewed in Texas.  I thank all that is holy and pure and good in the universe that Coors was not brewed in Texas.  They were obviously too intelligent to make such a product.  The point is … well, I just like stuff from Texas, right.

Let’s go on.

Shiner Bock looks a lot like that Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot that I just drank. 

It looks like iced tea as it pours (which is brilliant because, really, Texas is home to the best sweet tea in all the planet).  The head did not last nearly as long.  Not hardly at all, in truth.  But, there are no hops evident in the aroma.  I am so happy!  I could smell raw grains, but no hops.  There didn’t see to be much else evident in the aroma.

I was surprised to learn that Shiner is a bit low in the abv category.  It’s only 4.4% according to their website.  I ain’t complaining, mind you, I’m just saying that most bocks are in the 5-6% range.  It’s not quite as malty and heavy as other bocks I’ve had.  So, if I go looking for a bock, well, this one isn’t necessarily first on my list.  But, if I want a good beer that complements fried chicken just right, it’ll be Shiner.

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