I love Mothership Wit and Hoegaarden and, especially, a local brewery’s wit beer called Full Moon.
So I did my best to make a wit.  All right, not my best.  It was just a general attempt to make a Belgian-y quasi-wit.
Homebrewing is all about enjoying beer.

As you can see Witless is considerably darker than many wits.  It has grown even darker as it’s aged, transforming from orange/brown to copper/brown.

You may have surmised from an earlier post that I am not overly fond of hops.  Thus, unsurprisingly their aroma cannot be found in my beer.  A tart bready smell is there.

It has more apple than citrus.  The house got a little hot during ferment.  It was June in Arizona and I’m trying to save a little money.  It doesn’t taste bad, though.  It has some other fruit overtones that I can’t place.

It’s a little over 5% abv which isn’t too bad.  Witless is mine and I like it.  It grows a little sour and I don’t mind that at all.  Makes it more Belgian-y.

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