I was in the mood for Belgian beer again.  I considered Three Philosophers but ended up with Abbey Ale from Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY.  It’s 8.5% abv and packaged in a 25 ounce bottle.

It’s very foamy.  The head is off white and looks like a plaster or that foamy insulation stuff.   Well, okay, I guess “mousse-like” is a better description.  No, not better.  I like my foamy insulation stuff description.  Just because the “official” style guidelines say mousse-like doesn’t mean I have to fall in line and start spouting off their jargon.  Right, it’s insulation.   And quite impressive, really.  Nor does it leave, nay, it lingers throughout the beer.

The ale has a soft fruit smell, like banana or cantaloupe.  Maybe I’m pushing it with the cantaloupe but there’s definitely a bannana undertone.  This is appropriate for the style, which is a Belgian-style dubbel; I don’t believe I’ve mentioned that.  And no hops are evident.  It’s a dark, somber brown.  Apparently that’s my theme over the past couple of weeks – dark brown or strong tea colored brews, the color of a Kentucky whiskey.





It’s a sour, metallic, fruity joy.  The body is a little heavier than I expected which is delightful.  The insulation/mousse like head makes it feel a little creamy, then the carbonation hits, scouring the tongue just a bit.

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