I had heard much about this legendary beer, Samichlaus.  It is brewed once a year by Castle Brewery Eggenberg in Austria.  I’d never had one until a few months ago when I happened to find a four pack at Bevmo in Phoenix.

And it is a wonderful beer.  Once more it is a brown, tea colored liquid.  It is thinner in body than the Angel’s Share that was recently written about here.  It has the body of, say, an amber.  To my delight, hops are not that evident.  There’s no aroma and they only slightly make their bitterness apparent in the taste, and that would be only if you seek them out.  

This would be a good aperitif, as it is extremely sweet.  Brandy and caramel dance in the mouth after a swallow.  The alcohol content is 14% so it would be good to have a belly full of good food before consuming this brilliant piece of brewing.  It’s creamy and sweet and delicious. 

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