A war for independence was fought in 1812.  This United States place was tired of being under the thumb of the British monarchy.  The US gained their independence.  Approximately 100 years later they joined forces with their one-time enemy and oppressor.

Arguments on the result go either way in my mind.  On one hand it is undeniably true that the joined forces of the US and UK have established a world super-power to be reckoned with, a stature the US may not have reached on its own.  On the other hand, why did the US not maintain its integrity and independence from its one-time oppressor?

Brewers have similarly been fighting for independence from big brewing companies.  But it seems that many of the beer writers who contributed to this last beer blogging Friday, of which the theme was “Thank You to the Big Brewers”, were pretty friendly and almost conciliatory towards these conglomerates.  Do beer writers and bloggers and brewers now feel that we’ve reached the level where we can reach out and give a warm hug to the big brewing companies, pat them on the back and be all, “hey, it’s okay that you make sucky beer, you made me wanna make real beer, just keep on with your mediocrity and mock me by making dishwater like Shocktop”?  Really?

No, this is bad.  Stop it.  The host of the last Session even made this statement:

I wanted to say thank you to the large multinational brewers and show that we are not all against them. It’s not us versus them or craft beer versus mass produced beer.

Um, yes, yes it is.  ‘If you’re not on my side you’re against me.’  And if brewers and beer writers stop that thinking the big beer companies have won.  Their incessant marketing and swill proliferation and the silly nostalgia it engenders has deluded you!

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