It was time for the Texas boy to have some Texas beer again.  This Friday it’s Lone Star Beer from Lone Star Brewing in Fort Worth, Texas.  Could there be a cooler nickname for a state and a beer and a brewery?  No.

I loved this packaging.  “Texas Born & Brewed.”  I went in to the local beer cave with intentions of getting a single bottle, I was thinking of something from St Peter’s Brewery.  But then I saw this, on sale.  I pretended to look at other beers for a moment, but my brain knew I was sold.  I couldn’t resist Texas beer so proudly displayed.


And, of course, I will be hard pressed to find anything bad to say about this beer.  Fortunately, it’s pretty good.  It’s yellow, like many standard American lagers.  The body is about the same consistency of a cheap American lager.  That sounds bad, but it’s just thrown in there for reference, comparison, so that anyone out there who’s looking to convert from marketed beer to actual beer might have a good idea of where to start.  Fine, it really reminded me of Steel Reserve.


The head didn’t stay terribly long, but I’ll forgive that.  It is a pretty beer in its simplicity.  I can definitely taste the husky, grainy nature of this beer, the pale malt character.  I’m sure there’s hops, they say Pacific Northwest, but I cannot discern their aroma, just their bitterness.   All of this is just right for a cream ale, which is the category Lone Star falls into.


Why the wine glass?  Well, why not?  It looks good and doesn’t really do anything to the taste.  I was too lazy to find a pint glass anyway.  Whatever.


The weird smudge on the bottle right above the word “Lone” is some kind of lighting issue.  The sun was shining brightly on the white label.

Not much to say, really.  This is a brilliant beer, very simple, weighs in at 4.65% alcohol and it’s from Texas.  Seemed only fitting to listen to ZZ Top during the consumption of this beauty.  The Best of ZZ Top, to be precise.  I think I need a nap.


6 thoughts on “Goin’ Home Again – Lone Star Brewing

  1. Hey, you know that Lone Star is owned by Pabst- Woodbridge, IL and brewed at the Miller plant in FW, right?

    It kind of makes your more recent post on fighting the macros a bit schizophrenic. Well maybe not so much as mine, but still.

    1. I did not. I had a bad feeling about its nature and origin since it did so resemble Steel and all. I did not research enough. I was blinded by the Texas labeling. You a Star Trek fan? Well, in Star Trek III,, Spock’s father said something about ‘his logic failing where his son was concrned.’ He was attempting to do something the other Vulcans felt was illogical. His emotions overruled his logic. The same happens to me when Texas is involved. Thanks for calling me on it. I knew I should have been more careful with this post.

  2. Well as you told that this beer is something like that every one should taste it but i would rather suggest to test this beer in the wine bottle because it just looking so glamorous in wine bottle. Thanks for lazy nature. Very artistic description…….

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