I bought this beer for a beer blogging session a few weeks ago.  It will not be a practice.

Hmm.  A Michelob.  An Anheuser Busch product.  AmBev.  A big commercial macro-brewery.  I feel evil for having purchased a six pack.   Those cursed Wal-Martians!

I even poured it into a glass.  That’s treatment reserved for “real” beers.  I can’t even re-use this bottle.  I wonder if this is the reason I decided to brew my own amber (ingredients coming, I hope I can get to it sometime this weekend).

A traditional beer mug.  Nice color, really, that clear orange/brown/copper.  Pretty good head on the beer, too.

AmberBock does taste much better than the regular Bud products.  It doesn’t have the same sticky, fizzy mouthfeel, much better body.  It would be nice to have a little more bready aroma to it, and even maybe a little hint of German hops.  If people absolutely have to drink Bud stuff, this would be the beer to pick.

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