So I’m down to my last beer.  It’s a Lone Star, which gave me some grief a couple of weeks ago.  I have ingredients on hand to make an amber and I hope to get that done this weekend.  In a few more weeks I’ll have my own creation to write unadulterated about.  Until then, I need to do something different with Lone Star this week.

It just so happens that I also have some Seagram’s whiskey.  Now, I’m less of a whiskey enthusiast than I am beer.  So if I do any whiskey “reviews” they will be totally subjective and uninformed.  Please don’t hold it against me.  I’d like to include lots of different types of alcohol on this blog although my main focus shall always be beer.  Thus and so, here’s the crew I’ve assembled for this Friday’s post.

Seagram’s first:  the smell reminds me of a fishing tacklebox and crayola’s.  Is that weird or what?  The harsh, solvent aroma of alcohol is prevalent.  It’s got a, well, I want to say a piney taste, reminiscent of gin.  Although, I really don’t like gin.  I don’t mind this Seagram’s 7, though.  It also reminds me of the Black Velvet my dad had in the house and would never let me drink.

Let’s see how it interacts with Lone Star.

It didn’t seem to alter the color of the beer at all.  Nor the head, which is still diminutive.  The smell is now Heineken-ish.  It still has that cottony mouthfeel to it, but there’s a slight current of caramel present now.  The whiskey takes away that – well, it’s a taste that I can only say reminds me of old, stale beer that’s been strewn across an old pub.  That’s what the whiskey removes from Lone Star.

Okay, I just don’t like this combination.  I’ve had Boilermaker’s before and they weren’t bad, but they need a beer that can stand up to the whiskey and engage with it in a good debate about alcohol content and the flavor combinations of barley.  Seagram’s and Lone Star don’t mix for me.

Yes, you did see some Godiva in those pictures.  Yes, let’s see what happens.

I should have put it in my blender.

This looks gross and weird and all science – fiction – y.    And I’ll admit, it’s a little hard to drink for me because it’s lumpy.  I just don’t like lumpy in my liquid.  I can’t even drink orange juice if it has the little floaty things in it.  This beer is now like the protein shakes I drink in the morning.

But, the taste isn’t bad.  Godiva totally owns this drink now, she dominates and overpowers it.  The chocolate is omnipresent now.

My goodness.  This is not a drink for the weak.  No, not at all.  I may need to go take a nap now.  Notes for the future:  Godiva will mix with beer but use a blender.  And don’t add whiskey.

This week’s musical accompaniment:  Martin Moretto’s Quintet.

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