The WarpFest is a periodical film festival that I and my friends have held several times per year since 1997.  This year is thus the fourteenth year and it is as enjoyable as ever.

Why do I mention it here?  Well, craft beet is an integral part of this party.  So, we drank Oaked Arrogant Bastard, Jubelale, Full Moon, Breckinridge Vanilla Porter, and a bottle of Franziskaner Weissbier.

Unlike Sir Robin, we did run away from the Arrogant Bastard. The weissbeer was as refreshing as castle Anthrax.  Jubelale didn’t remind me of anything despite my love of Deschutes Brewery.

Anyway, WarpFest rocked as always.  Before my forgetting becomes complete here are some WarpFest – well, Monty Python – inspired beers:

Daft Guard Stout
Ni – ker – Bock – er

And there’s always Swamp Castle Brewery.

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