The trip was average and of adequate duration.  Time was spent away from this town, away from secular employment, away from responsibility and I find myself mildly refreshed.  Yes, a vacation was had by my family.  We spent some time with my wife’s sister in Tucson and then we attended a circuit assembly in St George, Utah.  I shall express no regret for my lack of posting on this blog, for the time I have spent away from it and all other things has served me well.   But do not think that I did not taste beer whilst I vacationed.  I did.  And I even have some pictures.  Well, I have two pictures from the actual trip; the other pictures will be taken here, at home, of beers that I purchased while away.

Before that, though, some ketchup … excuse me, I mean, catch up.  On November 19th, I held a party with some friends.  It’s called WarpFest.  In that post, I mentioned several beers.  I never have written anything about them.  About a week or two after that some remodeling work began on our local Kingdom Hall and some of my time was spent on that project and I didn’t really get around to beer stuff.  So it seems like that would be a good place to start this “catch up” process.

As noted in the WarpFest post, we drank some Oaked Arrogant Bastard.

Ah, it’s a beautiful beer, the color of liquid caramel.  It is bold and scary, too.  I enjoy the daredevilry of Stone Brewing but, goodness, this beer is hop-mad.  The oak and vanilla aren’t shy in anyway, either.  It’s a harsh piece of art, a Picasso painted in retina-straining neon colors.  One at a time is about all a person can take.  All I can recall is the harshness.  It’s such a forward beer.

Then there was Jubelale, from Deschutes Brewing.

Doesn’t the glass look lonely?

Lots of head, good color, medium body.  It’s warm and spicy, like a winter beer should be.  I think it’s my least favorite of Deschutes beers.  I don’t care for winter beers.

So, lets mention a couple of beers that I do like a great deal.  First, Full Moon … no, I think I’ll save that for its own post.  I have some notes on it somewhere.  Fine, Breckenridge Vanilla Porter then …

I like porter’s.  They are not too thick and heavy; the best ones have  a lightly roasted flavor and a good creamy head.  This one’s no different, plus there’s vanilla.

Well, this is a classic beer.  The vanilla taste is much more palatable than that in Oaked Arrogant Bastard.  These are hard to put down.  Vanilla soothes the tattered edges of the canvas – er, beer.  Very nicely done.

Next I mentioned Franziskaner Weissbier.  I might have a picture of it, I can’t recall.  It might very well be this one.

I don’t remember much about the beer.  It must not have been splendiferous.  We also had an Arizona brewed wheat beer.  It’s called Fretzy’s.

I wanted to like this beer.  It’s brewed by The Phoenix Ale Brewery (I guess the guy doesn’t like lagers; of course, I think that’s a good call, lagers are hard to accomplish out here in the heat of the desert), a new brewery according to the website.  It’s a wheat beer, another good call for the desert climate.

It had a good, rocky head and a properly cloudy and yellowish body.  But … I don’t know, I was rooting for it but it’s just missing something.  An intangible.  I hope the brewer keeps working at it, though.  Everyone in Phoenix needs to support the brewery.

I think that was about it.  These are all worth trying, even Fretzy’s.  Maybe you’ll have a different opinion about that one than all of us did.

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