I drink brewed things.

Brew -To make (a beverage) by boiling, steeping, or mixing various ingredients: brew tea.

My primary drink (yes, I even drink this more than beer) is tea – iced tea. Like any good Texan, I love iced tea year round with any and every meal. Like any good southerner, I like my tea with sugar. There is no other tea besides sweet tea. And in my house we drink gallons and gallons of it each week.

This is the way we make it.

Four bags of black tea (whatever brand you like, we’ve been using Smith’s or Krogers or whatever)
One gallon of boiling water
One or two cups of sugar

Pour the sugar in a one gallon pitcher. Pour in the hot water and steep the tea bags for a while (this is an arbitrary amount of time based on your preferences; my kids have an internal clock for this so I have impressed them into tea making service). Add it to a couple of gallons of cold water and that’s it.

See, just like home brewing, only less ingredients and less time involved.  I used to make it with four cups of sugar to one gallon. It was fabulously sweet. My mom still makes it that way.

In the mornings coffee is consumed.  It is also a brewed beverage.

From time to time we will drink some wine. My wife likes sweeter wines, so we’ll drink Pinot noir, Rieslings, Zinfandel. We like the Yellow Tail brand. I also like Jack Daniels and Seagram’s 7 whiskey’s.

Those are the staple drinks. Yes, I suppose there’s always water but, come on, it’s a constituent ingredient in all the other drinks so I’m covered.

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