I love the concept of growlers.  They are cool vessels that conjure up moonshiners and speakeasies and even the frontier days of the US.

Alas, I have nothing else to say about them.  This stupid week has prevented me from doing even the most basic and superficial Internet research on these lovely jugs.  So for this episode of the Session, I’ll just contribute some pictures.

Yes, that is dust and sediment.  This hasn’t seen use in years.

This one is from Rock Bottom, home of one of the best wheat beers in ‘Zona.  If I remember right, I filled this up, traveled home with it and shared it with friends at a party.

And some are just nice to look at.

3 thoughts on “Growlers

  1. I love the big german beer growlers. I feel like you get a much better seal than you would with a traditional growler. You also get a few extra ounces of beer each time you fill it. But, shhh. Don’t tell the guy pouring it that.

    We’d like to invite you to submit your beer photos to our website BeerCraving.com It’s a photo gallery of beers from around the world.


    Mike Burns

  2. I love growlers and they have come ahead in leaps and bounds since this post… check out the ones at http://www.ikegger.com they are double walled so stay cold for up to 24 hours and they have a tapping system that will let you enjoy and your leisure, staying fresh and frothy for up to a month! Awesome stuff.

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