What brilliance drove the brewers at the Boston Beer Company to release a pumpkin spiced ale … in autumn? Its utterly amazing.


Oh, it’s not officially fall yet? Oh, I see. Very well, Sam Adams has broken all boundaries by releasing their Pumpkin Ale near fall. Brilliant.

Pumpkin ales are like Star Wars books. You know exactly what the plot is going to be, you know the players, the tropes. Sometimes the covers are pretty cool, and sometimes the stories actually surprise you. And sometimes, well, they don’t.

In Appearance …
In a shocking choice of palette, this pumpkin beer is orange. Like the seeds of its muse, the head is an off white with bubbles of varying size.

But The Taste …
It tastes like a weak Cherry Coke, a tad caramelized. The burnt sugar attaches itself with gusto to the northeast corner of the tongue, waiting for the spices to come walking by. Alas, their wait may be long as the powdery layer of sweetness turns the spice away.

That Smell …
The aroma enlightens the nares, a conflation of glazed doughnut and crushed candy corn. And I’m certain there’s a hint of Bubbalicious.

Join Me For A Plate Of …
Shall this be consumed with some kind of pie? Perhaps a spinach brûlée? I chose a frozen bean burrito doused in salsa. Ah, the elegance!

The Conclusion Of The Matter Is …
It’s banal in its striking appropriateness. Those who are certain of their own higher cognitive functions will delight in drinking a concoction made with squash. They shalt revel in its tingly spiciness. Lowbrow drinkers will sing the joys of a “harvest” beer celebrating the working class.

Oh, and it comes in a brown bottle. Of course. Pure genius.

It’s a Star Wars book that pleases but surprises not.

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