Here’s how I made it.

  • 1 empty glass (rocks)
  • Sauza tequila gold (or whatever your favorite is [this would be better with an anejo Don Julio])
  • Almond amaretto
  • Margarita mix (of your choice, or sour mix)

Pour an arbitrary amount of tequila into the empty glass.  My own arbitrary amount wound up being about a finger and a half.  Then add a miniscule amount of amaretto.  About a cap full or less.  Top off with margarita or sour mix.  My drink ended at two and a half fingers.  Add a couple of ice cubes if you like.

In Appearance …
It’s green.  A weak lime green.  The tequila was light colored anyway, golden bronze; the amaretto is a dark, tea brown but I don’t think there was enough included to affect the color.  Therefore, the green of the margarita mix I used dominated the color scheme.  How greedy.

But The Taste …
What a silky body this drink possesses.  A citrusy, lemony, and yet grapey, flavor controls the glass.  It’s bright, it’s summer, it’s a kiss from the girl you love.  The sugary explosion of the margarita mix dances with the oily seduction of the amaretto and these two take the edges off the tequila.   There’s still an edginess there, but it’s refined by the rest of the mix.

That Smell …
In the traditional man’s workshop, there is a conflation of solvents and paints and other chemicals.  Put that workshop out here in the Mohave desert and the scent of weeds mingles with those chemicals.  That’s how this smells.  Not that pleasant, really, now that I see it written out.  Yet, beneath all that still lingers your girlfriend’s perfume, reminding you of the sweetness to which you’re committed.

Join Me For A Plate Of …
Chicken alfredo.

The Conclusion Of The Matter Is …
Tequila sours, amaretto sours, whiskey sours, they are all beautiful!

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