Being less than impressed by my visit to this festival last year it is surprising I find myself here once more. I blame my sister. She wanted to go this year. Since it is a beer event (loosely) and I am slightly attempting to keep tabs on these things in Kingman, and it seems decent to preserve consanguineous relations, well, here I am.

The weather is decidedly worse this year. Heavy gray clouds are threatening to bring forth a downpour of some kind of precipitation. The temperature is too low. At least it’s not raining yet.  It’s about a quarter to five and so far there are approximately twenty people here.  My sister and I just missed the polka band. Good or bad?

One big improvement his year is: I made it in time for the good beer. Beck’s Octoberfest and Mudshark’s Oktoberfest is not sold out yet.  Of course, I did not realize that Mudshark had a presence at the Octoberfest until I’d ordered a Beck’s.  Ah,well; I’ve got cash for more beer.  The Beck’s had a good head. It was orangey in color. It was a little thin. However, it was better than other choices. Bud Light, Budweiser, Shocktop Pumpkin.

But Mudshark’s Oktoberfest was the best. Who’s shocked? Really? I chose a seat in the sun to try to keep warm but the downside is that it was near the road,  The aroma of the Mudshark beer was masked by exhaust. How lovely. But the taste was present. Bread, caramel, cigarette smoke – what the?  Stupid smokers.

It’s more brown than I expected.  But, I am looking at it through a mildly opaque plastic cup.

Still, it was enjoyable.  Two cups worth.

What else happened?  Well, I learned that Budweiser has a presence in Fort Collins, Colorado.  I can’t say I was thoroughly happy with that.  My sister visited the brewery when she lived in Loveland.  I realized that I hate that there are some nice locations in this town and they are ruined by various things:  trains, people.  That’s right, Locomotive Park downtown isn’t bad, just not utilized right.  The cursed train rolled through at least three times.

The event is still boring.  I mean, the beer was decent this time.  But there was too much downtime.  We waited way too long for the next band to setup with nothing to do but listen to pre-recorded Bryan Adams and watch some people make googly eyes at each other – and they weren’t young enough for it to be cute.  Neither activity was exciting.   Two hours in, maybe forty people have arrived.  The googly eye couples, as noted, some older people (rotary club members?) and a couple of groups of young people who seemed to be enjoying their socializing.  The event organizers expected four grand in total attendance. Wonder if it will happen?

There was a big police presence; didn’t notice them last year. Makes me wonder if something happened last time around.

My sister had a good time because she was introduced to Mudshark. and got to talk.  Those young people seemed to have a good time.  This thing might be better if you had more friends with you.

Kingman’s Oktoberfest wasn’t the total waste of time it was last year, but it still needs more beer.  Much, much more beer.

2 thoughts on “Kingman’s Beer and Brat Festival

  1. I thank you for coming to the Brews and Brats Oktoberfest during the miserably cold and wet Friday of the event. There were only a small group of brave souls who ventured out on that day to come to the Oktoberfest. But on Saturday the sun shone beautifully and the tent was packed most of the day and night.
    I appreciate your comments and will see if we can get some more variety for our beer selection next year. And you can purchase a nice collector glass stein instead of drinking from the plastic cup! Can’t control the train noise however! Just think of it as part of the Kingman charm?

    Mary K. Clark-Brews and Brats Oktoberfest Chair

    1. Thanks for reading Mary. It’s encouraging to know that my little beer blog got a bit of notice. Glad Saturday worked out better for you. I would, of course, be wonderfully happy to consult with you about beers you need to feature (plenty of ideas that I think are do-able)! You can reach me at

      I considered the glass. The math didn’t work for me this time around.

      And, well, I’ll consider the train noise …

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