Beer in cans. It’s craft beer showing its true colors. This aluminum renaissance reminds me of literary metaphor – Flowers for Algernon. Charlie, the simpleton, rose to great heights but in the end was just a simpleton.

Thus and so we have Shift, a simple lager from New Belgium. Of course, it’s in a sixteen ounce can. It strives to be different while channeling normal.

In Appearance …
It is standard yellow, like a Budweiser. Very small bubbles do some freebase jumping in reverse, colliding at the beers surface to form snow capped peaks.

That Smell …
Oranges and grass wrapped in tin. But you probably won’t discern such an aroma since the beer is packaged in a can. I poured it in a glass to get a look and a whiff. I am sure this is against the rules for this beer.

But The Taste …
The citrus is prominent. So, did hops plants get crossed with a tangerine or nectarine somewhere in its botanical history? And did the New Belgium-ites decide that would be their variety of choice?

It’s a tad watery, too, mimicking the cheapness of Coors. That’s essentially what this beer is, a macro lager knock-off; a castrated IPA. It’s weird, really. Wait, is this just recycled Ranger? Disguised in a can? Do these guys just soak hops in water and squeeze the water out in a can or bottle?

Join Me For A Plate Of …
Food. Yeah, whatever really. Or not. I think this is supposed to be a stand alone beer.

The Conclusion Of The Matter Is …
Well, I dunno. It’s an “end of shift” beer, so a drink for the blue collar, working class, manufacturing labor whore type. Seems a little highfalutin to me, eh? Were the brewers advisors to the Obama Beer thing? Oh, and package it in a can! Doesn’t that just proclaim “I’m a working class slob”?

This beer isn’t harsh like a pale ale, not bland like a macro-boring-rice-soup-water. But the caustic chalk aftertaste will not make it first on my end of workday beer list. Not refreshing, but interesting. Guess it depends on the day.

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