This is a British beer so it should be accepting of sarcasm. Being humorous, this Red Shield has a label featuring a … red shield.  The cap, however, was all white shield.  It states on the label that this ale “celebrates fresh flavours.”  (Notice the fancy British spelling).  Now, I like to celebrate special events and noteworthy things.  So, their label message seems off.

One other disturbing factoid: the back label distinctly says “brewed by MolsonCoors.”  (Some mouthy labels, I’d say.)  I shivered – the fingers on the chalkboard, tooth grinding, scratch a plate with a fork, stuck in an portable toilet with no TP kind of shivering.  Let us press on.

In Appearance …
In a stroke of marketing genius this self-proclaimed blond ale is blond. Yes, yellowy, like straw, like that bumbling guy from a movie that featured some wizard by the name of Oz.   It looked witty, without the hazy wit tincture.

That Smell …
Diddly Whompus.  That means nothing.  Wait, allow me to rewrite that sentence.  Ahem.  That means “nothing.”

But the Taste …
It was very nearly candyish. I am certain I tasted some caramel. There was also bubble gum and cotton candy, rushing me back in time to my younger days as I wandered through dusty local carnivals.  It was a fun, carefree time.  There was also the slight slickness of a liqueur.

Join Me For A Plate Of …
Well, my best friend said this would go well with barbecue or lobster.  It has a sweetness that would complement spicy barbecue.  I don’t know, he’s the genius.

The Conclusion Of The Matter Is …
This blond is youthful, light, playful and bouncy.  And it makes me want to be British.

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