Word is that the Spoetzl Brewery, maker of the Shiner line of beers, took some medals at this little beer fest we call the Great American Beer Festival.  Wish I could’ve been there.  That implies that I wasn’t there.  That implication is utterly veracious.

Upon reading that my favorite Texas brewery (for now, since I haven’t really had other Texas beers – what a horrible phrase to have written!  My very knuckles feel cursed after keyboarding such heresy!) won gold medals, I forthwith decided it was time for a series of Friday Glasses featuring the Shiner beers.

Back in August 2011 I wrote about Shiner Bock.  So, while drinking a fresh one I reviewed and updated that post and put it into my Friday Format.  Plus, I added a little content.

Shiner on!

In Appearance ..
“Shiner Bock looks a lot like … Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot … It looks like iced tea as it pours (which is brilliant because, really, Texas is home to the best sweet tea in all the planet).  The head did not last nearly as long.  Not hardly at all, in truth.”  This remains true this time.  But, while it lasted the head was very conversational.  It sounded like Snap, Krackle and Pop.  (You know, Rice Krispies).  (The cereal).

That Smell …
” … [T]here are no hops evident in the aroma.  I am so happy!  I could smell raw grains, but no hops.  There didn’t see to be much else evident in the aroma.”  A little over a year and my smell buds have not altered.  Super.

But The Taste …
“It’s not quite as malty and heavy as other bocks I’ve had.  So, if I go looking for a bock, well, this one isn’t necessarily first on my list.  But, if I want a good beer that complements fried chicken just right, it’ll be Shiner.”

Really?  I actually wrote that Shiner would not be first on my list?  Crazy.  I guess.  Well, yes, it is because I do not have some ethereal list of beers by style that I would pick because that’s weird.  You want to know what else is weird?  I’ll tell you.  I made a comment about fried chicken.  Guess what I had for dinner this night?  Yes, fried chicken.  You must be a genius for having figured that out.  There must be something about Shiner Bock that makes me want chicken.  Sooooo Pavlovian.

Join Me For A Plate Of …
See above.

The Conclusion of the Matter Is …
What a great beer.  It’s going on the Introduce Yourself to Craft Beers With This List list.  It’s a constant, as grand and as down to earth as Texas itself, a brilliant dichotomy of beery stuff.

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