Word is that the Spoetzl Brewery, maker of the Shiner line of beers, took some medals at this little beer fest we call the Great American Beer Festival.  Wish I could’ve been there.  That implies that I wasn’t there.  That implication is utterly veracious.

Upon reading that my favorite Texas brewery (for now, since I haven’t really had other Texas beers – what a horrible phrase to have written!  My very knuckles feel cursed after keyboarding such heresy!) won gold medals, I forthwith decided it was time for a series of Friday Glasses featuring the Shiner beers.

Even though this is November I will be drinking a beer named after two other months, namely March and October.  Livin’ on the edge!

In Appearance …
It be looking like perfection.  It seems that for many years the mainstream image of a beer is a fizzy yellow libation in a mug.  But for Crafters* I believe the image is different.  I think it’s this beer, or, to be more specific, this style of beer.  It’s mango-tango or clementine in color, a beautifully clear orange kind of color.  A slightly off white head sits atop it, like some kind of giant mushroom.  And it’s in a pint glass.  Orange is the new yellow, to corrupt a stupid modern saying.

That Smell …
Did some M&Ms take a dunk in this beer?  And were they loaded on brandy?  And there seems to be a small aroma of, maybe, Roman Meal – I mean, bread.

But The Taste …
Dang, it tastes yellow.  No, more caramelly than yellow.  Does that even make sense?  No.  All right, fine, I got nothing.  I am totally without inspiration right now.  Fine, it’s like the Dallas Cowboys.  I hear people say they are spectacularly talented, just like the judges say this beer is medal worthy.  I want to believe.  I taste hints of greatness within the beer.  There’s a suavity it gains as it warms.  Sometimes it seems mediocre, though.  Unlike with the Cowboys, however, I will trust what the judges of GABF say – this is a good beer, I just ain’t educated enough to dig it yet.  As far as the Cowboys, well, whatever, I still watch cuz I am Texan, but …

Join Me For A Plate Of …
I have no idea.  Sorry.

The Conclusion of the Matter Is …
Will I drink this again?  Duh, of course I will.  Was it worth drinking this time around?  Duh, of course.  Let it warm up before you drink, because, seriously, this drink gets way better the warmer it is.

*A note on the word “crafters.”  You know how Star Trek fans are sometimes called Trekkies?  And the so-called hard-core Trekkies insist that they should be called Trekkers, because, I guess, it sounds more “official” or what-not.  So, using similar logic, I will call craft beer drinkers and enthusiasts “Crafters.”

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