This beer seems appropriate to finish the week with.  (No, I cannot pronounce properly the brewer and distributor of Indio, Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma).  Earlier in the week, I had a portion of the El Bandido burrito, a specialty at my favorite Mexican restaurant in town, El Palacio.  We had a Mexican-y concoction for dinner last night.  My wife and I went to El Palacio once again this night, whence I ate the El Pardino burrito and she had the Godfather burrito.

Now for the beer.  (Had Negro Modelo at dinner).  Let me regale you first with photo’s.

Indio 12 Pack - High Resolution Indio Bottle - High ResolutionThe label is actually kinda cool, the more I look at it.  Sort of a Spartan/Mayan mashup going on.  I like the color scheme, too.  Platinum Hulk.

That Smell …
It smelled a little sour and was fizzy around the edges.   Interesting.  I guess I could also say it was bready, grainy.  In a strange turn of events it was also redolent of banana peel.  I say that because it sounds better than saying it’s bananay, which isn’t really a word.  So you get the idea that it has a banana like smell without, you know, saying an un-word.  Anyway …

In Appearance …
It’s grand appearance is that of burnt … noodle.  You know, like when a macaroni noodle throws itself over the edge of a pan and is engulfed, briefly, in the flames of the oven burner.  That kind of brown – a brownish orange.  It has astonishing clarity.  The beer is topped by a thin, off white head.

But the Taste …
It’s not bad.  But it’s not a spectacular craft juggernaut, either.  It’s like, well, a Mexican Amber Bock.  That’s not necessarily bad. Mind you, if Amber Bock was not an AmBev product, I’d drink it.  So, this is now an alternative.  It has a nice, medium body.  No aftertaste, finishes clean like the lager it is.

Join Me For A Plate Of …
I can see it complimenting one of the burrito’s I had above.  I know for sure that it blends well with corn dogs (covered in ranch dressing).  And Taco Doritos.

The Conclusion Of the Matter Is …
Okay, I said it was nothing spectacular and that it reminds me mostly of Amber Bock, so this next statement may seem off.  It reminds of Fat Tire, too.  Fine, some people will say that is off and be all, ‘Fat Tire is pure genius’ and others will be all, ‘Fat Tire is flatly overrated.’  Whatever.  Indio is like it in that it is refreshing, clean, nothing offensive, there’s not a lot of brain/taste power involved.  It’s innocuous.  I can drink Indio and not feel like a traitor to the craft world.  Yes.  Cool.  It’s nowhere near as malty as Fat Tire.  I do like how bright and refreshing it is.  Very little hops interference with the taste.  The malt, while not dominating, is the core.

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