I will shock myself with this statement: Kingman got an event right.  It was the Third Annual Kingman Wine and Food Festival held May 18th at the Firefighters Park over on Detroit Avenue.  Seriously, it was a good time.  It helped that the weather was magnificent, to be sure.  Let me thank the owners of Slightly High Maintenance.  They invited us (mostly my wife) to this event.



It was a quiet day, unfettered, unchained to work, to a desk, to responsibility.  I wasn’t interested in hobnobbing with the haut monde of Kingman.  Nay, just wanted some wine.

My wife and I entered the park through a nice landscaped area, picked up our glasses, got the wristbands and were inside with no hassle or trouble.  It was disturbance free, and even friendly – a definitely new attitude for this town.  After we found our table my next stop was Redneck’s Southern Pit BBQ  trailer for a beef slider.  They had a pork slider, too, but it was sold out by the time we arrived.   My wife chose Siren’s Cafe for a chicken pasta salad.  Then we were off to drink.

Studio Vino in Tempe, Arizona had two splendid creations – a green apple Riesling and a blackberry Merlot.  Drinking the Riesling was like drinking a liquiefied Jolly Rancher.  They sold out of both wines early in the day.   Pillsbury Wines had a tart Roan and a chardonnay that was just hard to drink.  But the most fun was at our table’s private tasting presented by our very own Stetson Winery.  I say “our very own” because, you know, it’s here in Kingman.  Out in Valle Vista.

We chose their Cultured Cowboy chardonnay and the Root 66, a Rhone style blend.

photo (1) photo (2)








photo (4)


photo (6)


photo (7)

The Root 66 was the table favorite.  Thanks to Don Stetson for providing the wine.

After finishing off those two bottles we dove into two blackberry Merlot’s from Studio Vino noted above.  Thanks to Stephanie at Slightly High Maintenance for that.  She bought the last two Merlot’s the winery had at the festival, I believe.  And they didn’t last the afternoon.

So, to the organizers of this festival:  bravo!  This was well done.  Please work with the group that organizes Kingman’s Oktoberfest beer festival.  It needs a tad more elan.  If it were to follow this pattern in regard to convincing brewers from around the state to present their concoctions, well, we’d have a couple of premier events for the citizens in this town.

photo (3)

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