Yard work beckons me. I laugh in its face. It’s henchman, the wind, blows detritus in my face. The Spring Games are on.

After recruiting teenage assistance weeds are slaughtered. Trash is discarded. Fences are erected. The rest shall have to wait for another weekend.  Seems like a good time to start the AlphaBeer Tour.

A is for Alpine Spring.

photo (8)

The Vitals:

Brewer: Boston Beer (Samuel Adams)
ABV: 5.5%
Categorized as: seasonal/kellerbier

That Smell …
Flower blossom. Honey, buy not honeysuckle (which is, like, a standard spring smell, right?). I also imagine ginger and lemon.  Those sound like a good names for twins.  And I know just which ones.

In Appearance …
It resembles a wit – cloudy, milky, opalescent, yellow champagne.  It maintains a good mousse like head. Very white. It lingers.

But The Taste …
It has the circus character of a wit but the honey makes it sweet – overly so for my tastes. But I also like the juxtaposition, the contrast. I could discern no tartness or bitterness, no serious hops impact from Tettnang other than the flowery smell.

Join Me For A Plate Of …
Yeah, cuz I had something to eat while doing yard work …

The Conclusion of the Matter …
This is a spring beer but it is redolent of the homes of old people from my youth in the late seventies, early eighties. I received visions of yellow and green carpet. Or a casino replete with a cigary coating on tongue. Hmm. Weird.  Lingering is good descriptor. This is a drink that is … weird, yet not terrible. It’s drinkable, not necessarily repeatable. .

One thought on “Alpine Spring by Samuel Adams

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