Doubtless many of you saw this article or one similar to it. Therein MillerCoors makes a fervid defense of their Blue Moon beers. It comes in response to a statement by the Brewer’s Association last year. MillerCoors is upset that it was disqualified, rejected, excommunicated from the ranks of craft breweries as defined by the Brewers Association. This meant Blue Moon was as well since they are, you know, related.

I have no desire to engage in palaver about MillerCoors, nor do I necessarily want to debate craft brewery definitions. But I would like to know your thoughts on Blue Moon. Is it good, is it bad, is it not worth discussing? I like Blue Moon. It’s not the best wit, of course. But I don’t find it achromatic, insipid or offensive as I do Shocktop. I feel it does have some history to it. It has been a quiet constant on store shelves, something of a respite from blandness until the artisanal beers began to arrive in force. I sampled some Agave Nectar Ale from Blue Moon and wasn’t appalled by it. What do you say?

And I don’t know what to think of this term “artisanal beer” that I have seen of late in many beer related articles. I’m sure it has been in use for some time but it is only now standing out to me. What do you think of it as a moniker for proper brewing? Appropriate or demeaning?

Thanks to anybody who comments on this. Just trying to get opinions.

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