In all my travels I have never drank a beer so … drinkable. It has an enviable pedigree, a spotless reputation, and a quotidian character.

B is for Black Butte Porter


The Vitals
Brewer: Deschutes Brewery
ABV: 5.2%
Categorized as: porter

That Smell …
It smells like cream and orchards.

In Appearance …
Brown, like the edges of a Tiki flame or the bottle that contains it, with a head like the plateaus of the desert. It’s dirty white like my stucco after a monsoon rainfall.

But The Taste …
Caramel raisins. Browned toast with cinnamon. The wife’s kiss.

Join Me For A Plate Of …
Chipotle lime marinated steak and grilled fries with southwest seasoning.

The Conclusion of the Matter
This beer is a beer festival weekend, open and free. Or it’s late summer in ’88 with “Hysteria” cranked to 11. Yes, yes it’s Def Leppard in a bottle. Rock on. They haven’t hit the Adrenalize era yet, good thing. Black Butte is an erudite, worldly mentor speaking to you of all that can be.

Long live Black Butte Porter.

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