The day began early – for me, at least. The iPhone alarm went off at 6 am and I was actually out of bed by 6:13 as opposed to my usual 6:51. The first order of business was to put on the coffee.

It’s decaffeinated. This is because I suffer from gout and it seems that caffeine can contribute to the build up of uric acid. However, another report indicates that drinking four or more cups per day may reduce the risk. Investigation is required.

So I drank one cup, poured two more in my to-go cup and drove to the office.

  • Consumed coffee
  • Turned on computer
  • Looked at my to-do list and drank a large swig of coffee
  • Checked previous day’s production
  • Reviewed open purchase orders
  • Provided list of POs needing a GR to receiving personnel
  • Completed month end inventory of bladders
  • Scanned old documents so I could get rid of them
  • Still drinking the coffee
  • Made a journal entry
  • Added Voivod to my Def Leppard station on Pandora
  • Listed 12 Core Values I want to work on (gotta whittle it down to 5)
  • Checked up on an order for boiler
  • Discovered my coffee supply was nil
  • Reconciled credit card statement
  • Went to lunch
  • Entered material into computer
  • Signed for Fed Ex
  • Sorted through a lot of stuff on my desk
  • Looked at my email and sighed heavily and went to the floor
  • Chatted with plant manager
  • Decided when to shut down some production
  • Completed month end inventory
  • Put pens away and went home
  • Probably to have more coffee

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