Yesterday did, indeed, end with freshly brewed iced tea.

And then today started.

  • Yes, the other car was low on water; it obviously has a leak. Oh, good! I had so hoped that was the case since I’m already spending over $1000 on the Honda! Thanks!!
  • Ran the production reports
  • Vendor arrived to drop off some fire extinguishers
  • Went to the floor and verified some tooling changes that need to be made
  • Also made some adjustments to schedule based on production requirements for yesterday
  • Picked up two new requests for parts
  • Had to re-check my pro-card statement
  • Watched representatives from another vendor gather in the parking lot
  • Deleted some emails, answered some others
  • Felt like my time is not being used well since I keep getting interrupted
  • Called into conference call
  • The day is crrreeeeeepipping by …
  • Registered at a website for calibration
  • Set a timer to help me go through all my tasks
  • Processed most of the "a" projects
  • Finally called for a diagnosis on a pressure gauge that’s been sitting on my desk for days
  • Discovered that Pandora is better for work than TED talks
  • Checked on a double-shipped part; couldn’t find it
  • Ordered some belts
  • Sorted through email
  • Lost and extra $360 for car repairs. Yeah! Was sooooooo hoping that would happen!!
  • Disgusted and depressed, I went to lunch
  • Called a vendor to follow up on an order – no info yet
  • Searched through old orders to find wrist supports and gloves
  • Re-prioritized some to-do’s
  • Handled some more emails from six days ago; not quite caught up yet. The timer is really helping.
  • Cataloged new fork lifts
  • Updated an annual inspection/replacement spreadsheet
  • Discussed the management
  • Verified the receipt/non-receipt of some equipment
  • Did other stuff, can’t remember completely cuz I’m too distracted/upset about the dang vehicular situation!

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