Yesterday was a mental disaster. I do not foresee today being an improvement as it will require a large payment for a car repair. Let the brewsing begin …

  • I made my own coffee this morning (picture forthcoming)
  • Checked the various scheduling screens in the plant via VNC
  • Ran the daily production sheets
  • 30 minutes went by and I started work on my "Current Projects" list
  • Gathered updates on deliveries, sent out emails requesting ETA’s
  • Another 30 minutes and now I’m perusing my normal To-Do list
  • Inventoried the hazardous waste items that need to be picked up
  • Started reviewing blanket POs
  • Now I’m going through the piles on my desk
  • Put some parts away
  • Delivered some delivery notes
  • Filed a thing or two
  • Entered a requisition for a sensor cable
  • Received a lovely broken part
  • Updated a fork lift spreadsheet
  • Responded to and filed email
  • Organized some parts bins and shelves
  • Wrote down parts info to make more labels with
  • Went back to updating scheduling/production spreadsheets
  • Verified current equipment line up
  • Checked process time
  • Received a request for a thermostat
  • Was told to re-write a budget
  • Re-wrote said budget
  • Was asked to do some OT; normally I’m ok with that but can’t do it today. Guess I’ll be in early tomorrow …
  • It is the timing of the lunch now
  • Checked in tires
  • Had to review any past recovery of refrigerant
  • Had to check current production
  • Discussed possible scheduling plans
  • Had to check with our other plant on a chiller
  • Checked in more tires
  • Started my new "audits"
  • Had to leave, got a haircut coming up …

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