It was Friday. Beer night. There was only one destination. And this time there were two beers on tap that I’ve been waiting to drink.

Train smoke


It’s on the left, the remains, at least. It’s a smoked porter. No aroma that I could detect, which did not bother me. I seek not the hops. It was acrid and dry – but not enuff smoke for my palate. It was there but not as prominent. Almost … Milky. Weird.

It’s a wookie of a beer, chewy.

Love the dry aftertaste.

Caramel as it warms. Grows on you like, well, a growing thing.

Scorched Earth
Nicely, nicely done.
Brut and jalapeño
Pepper beers can be difficult. This is just right. Needles on the lips heat in the gullet.
Give me more.



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