I was told that I have “smartly arranged” my affairs so that I can enjoy a Friday night at my local. Well, I don’t know about being smart or having purposely arranged anything in an efficient way but I am here on Friday again.

Black Bridge is unarguably a cool and fun place. The beers have improved since their opening week. Evil Red is a top notch northwestern pale ale. Wicked Poison is a wheat based barley wine style ale and it is sweet and palatable and should be entered in a competition. Of course, they weren’t bad beers to begin with.

And it’s just an adorable location. It’s small, friendly and still offers a fair amount of privacy. On the red brick walls there is a regularly rotating art gallery for sale. The lighting highlights the bar and the beers. The tables are handmade from what I understand.

There are always a few regulars. My wife says stepping through the door is like walking into the Cheers bar. Everyone turns to see who you are. Invariably you’ll run into someone you know.

Sirens Cafe next door offers good food even if it isn’t typical pub fare (and, in the spirit of full disclosure, is a smidge expensive). If that doesn’t tap your keg then you can venture over to Redneck’s Southern Pit BBQ across the street. It fits well with the beers, to be sure. Their pulled pork plate and big stuffed potato are superb compliments to Black Bridge’s English Mild.

The staff are happy people and they engender a convivial spirit. It’s easy to get to know them and they pay attention, keeping patrons in beer. Anyway, visit when you can.

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