My wife says, “You just like fire.”

At first I objected. Well, some context first. We were discussing the act of cooking. Like most men I like to grill. There is something appealing about it. I like to think its the social angle. I was observing people at a local park today. As more of the cadre arrived the kids got louder, the conversations increased and grilling came up. Anytime you get more than a couple of people together food and cooking comes up in conversation. Whether it’s just family or a gathering of friends we want to eat. And when guys are involved we want to strike a fire and cook meat –

Oh, fire.


I thought I was fairly good at grilling. Not proficient enough to have my own podcast or tv show but good enough for a backyard party. Unless I’m cooking chicken. That fowl creature and I are not on friendly grilling terms. But I thought I did all right with other dead animals. I said this to my wife one late winter day. We were speaking of grilling in winter because this winter in the west – well, Arizona, at least – has been incredibly mild. I think we had our entire winter during one week in November. Temperatures dropped to sixteen for a few days and afterwards they’ve barely dropped below forty. In February here there were many seventy degree days. Which leads to grilling. In February. Gotta love the west.

So, anyway, I said blah-blah-blah, me like cooking food with fire –

Oh, fire again.

My wife said, “You just like fire.”

No, it couldn’t be. I like to cook!

Tonight is a slightly, slightly chilly spring evening. I am cooking chicken. (Yes, bad idea). With … fire. Since it is slightly – slightly! – chilly I decide to … well, so, I started this fire in our outdoor fireplace.


Hmm. Fire.

And while I worked and sat outside I lit one of my homemade tiki torches. Now, I am not a man who is good at building things, making things, forging awesome creations. Nay, I am a pretty bad at it. But this tiki torch thing I seemed able to throw together quickly and they worked. And their torches.


Yeah, more fire.

Fine. Fine.

I don’t cook.

I don’t build things.

I just like fire.

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