This coincides with another article I recently read on The Art of Manliness website. It was a piece about copy work. Essentially it recommends copying, longhand or digitally, the work of writers you enjoy. This is not advocating plagiarism. Copy work is for you, personally, to build your writing skills. Anyway, perhaps these books would be good prospects for some early morning copy writing.

Literature and Libation

If you’ve traipsed down the shadowy alley of writing advice, you’ve almost certainly come across the, “to be a better writer, you have to write!” obviousisms,  which are usually followed by the trumpeting accompaniment of, “but you have to read, too!” I’m not here to deny either of those pieces of advice. To be a better writer, you definitely do need to write, and possibly more than you’re writing now. To be a better writer you do need to read good writing, preferably more on the side of good books and essays and stories, and less on the side of Buzzfeed and TMZ and DailyMail.

What you read is just as (if not more) important as what you write. It gives you examples of excellent storytelling and wordplay. It offers perspective from another, educated angle. It shows you what it takes to write something marketable, that…

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