These were sampled on Beer Sunday.

Both are from reputable breweries.  My friend and I were looking forward to the cappuccino stout.  We both like coffee and stout is my friend’s favorite style.  Unfortunately, Lagunitas is always hit and miss for us.  But, at 9.2% it was a nice after dinner drink.  I’m not sure what they were trying to accomplish with this beer, however.

Ovila came in a four pack with a strange ninja/monk printed on the packaging.  It’s a Belgian style farmhouse ale and was the highlight of Beer Sunday.  Rock on, Sierra Nevada!

Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout
Stupid label.  It was a “ditty” about coffee that was lacking rhythm and cadence. A rough draft that needed lots of editing

Heavy, slick and satin gent.

Like a stout but a terrible aftertaste

Ovila Abbey Saison w/Mandarin Orange and Peppercorns
Beautiful color
Pairs well with Nacho Doritos (read, I am white trash)

I highly recommend the Ovila.  It’s not the usual hop concoction from Sierra Nevada.  It made me think of a Dogfish brew.  You don’t have to drink it with Doritos.  Obviously. You can, if you really want.  I’m sure there would be other foods that work with it.   In fact, there is a list of possible food pairings on the website.  No Doritos, however.  I feel chagrined.

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