Of late there has been but one stout on the board and on tap at Black Bridge and it’s name is Hooley. If I recall, that Irish stout was introduced in March of this year. It is a delight

However, there were two other stouts before it. They were Locomotive and Stresstout. Perhaps nostalgia uses me as a ventriloquist does a dummy as I say that the first two stouts were my faves.

Smells like a casino carpet: smoke, coffee and urine

Chewy. This is less creamy than usual. Vanilla from oak. A little bourbony.

Coffee and urine? And I liked it? I have found myself disturbed by my own self.

Well, Loco was my favorite. I remember it as being a little weak in the body but it’s dry and toasty personality balanced it.

Mostly coffee
Harsh black patent
Very dark
Made me think of Coldplay

Stout, stout, stout. Down into my belly.

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