When first I read of the SYNEK beer dispenser my impression was that it was an instant beer brewing machine; an abomination, in other words, Frankensteined from Mr Beer and Keurig for the mad consumerism of the West. I dismissed it out of hand, believing that real beer requires the patience and vision of an artist. Still do I believe. But this SYNEK is not the bastardized contraption I took it for.

Here’s the basics: it’s a mobile beer tap. You know the kegerator, no doubt. Well, that’s what this reminds me of in miniature. The company has specially designed cartridges – bags, really, kinda like the bladder in those back packs you can drink from – that you fill. The cartridges can keep pressure and, evidently, refrigeration for thirty days.

The cartridges can be filled at any brewery that has the necessary adapter. Several breweries are on board already. Home brewers can also fill the cartridges with this adapter. I think this could be cool for home brewing. Fill two or three bags with your own brew and you’re stuff is on tap, draught quality home brew from counter top or poolside or grill side, etc.

SYNEK is heralding the end of the growler age. Much is being made of the thirty day period as a grand improvement over the now old fashioned big brown growler. I’m not totally sold on this point. See, a growler doesn’t last a night at my house. The wife and I both love craft beer. The growlers don’t have a chance. Or, I’ll fill for a dinner party. Again, they won’t last a night. So, the 30 day time frame is irrelevant to me. I’ll only get two nights out of it. Craft beer sitting in my house for a month? Nay, nay.

But then I think of home brew again and this thing becomes palatable. A brewer could buy for or five bags (they are not reusable, they will cost you every time you have to buy one) fill them up with a batch and have home brew for a month. The 30 day time limit starts with the first pour. Cartridges can be switched out whenever you like. Halfway through, etc. carbonation will hold.

As I write about it this sounds better – from the home brewing perspective. And it’s a gallon sized bag compared to the half gallon growler. I’ll have to see what my local will charge me for it. I could fill a couple bags and have a couple weekends stored.

I haven’t totally decided about it yet. But that’s just zymurgical atavism in my personality. The Folks at SYNEK have a kickstarter program running now. there’s a few days left. Oh, and he name is derived from the word “cynical”. Gotta love that.

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