Whereas the first six months of this year have passed fugaciously, this week has been interminable. Every day I have looked at the office clock, or the computer clock, or the iPhone clock and have become whelmed with anguish that only an hour has expired instead of the four I had felt. Once the work day is finally over, of course, and I get home and can relax two things happen. First, time pretends it’s the Milennium Falcon and jumps to lightspeed right away; second, I realize that I have a ton of things that need to be done at home and, oh, day’s over. This weekend, then, I need some beer that will soothe and brighten.

When I think of soothing beer, I always think of something dark and roasty; a beer that has substance but not one that demands palate analysis; an ale that will warm while you hold your glass and not lose character. For a beer that brightens I want the opposite – in appearance, at least. A yellow to amber jewel, with mild hop aroma and presence; something on the effervescent side, with character but, again, nothing demanding.

With those parameters and my interest currently piqued in the College Street Brewhouse my beer picks for this weekend are:

Sweet Devil Stout
This beer is the Guinness of Mohave County. It’s thick, creamy and has just the right amount of roast. Just thinking about this beer is making me happy. Smooth, sable, and really good with, or as, dessert.

Big Blue Van

I’m not always a fan of fruity beers, but CSB pulls it off and makes me like it with the Big Blue Van. It’s a wheat beer, which is my vote for the best style of beer for the desert, and it’s infused with blueberry and vanilla. Honestly, you can’t help but smile after drinking this beer.

You can find their beers at the Kwik Stop on Hualapai Mountain Road. Or you can take a trip to the brewery.

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