The breweries in Flagstaff regularly show their quality. I’ve yet to be disappointed by them, whether tasting at the brewery or at a beer festival. The only one I have not sampled yet is Mother Road Brewing. I met the brewers at a festival but never made it to their tent. This beer, Roadside, will be my first quaff of their libation.

That Smell …
So, it smells like spirits and citrus hops, like early spring in late summer, hubris and lupulins.

In Appearance …
I poured as carefully as I could, but that thing has, like, a top hat of carbonation. And then it is ambery colored.

But the Taste …
It tastes like … a beer you’d drink in a pub. Oh, this is a fantabulous beer. They call it a “deep gold American ale.” I think it’s an amber, ala the Early Days of Pubbery. Yes, a golden orange delight that drinks like a Hemingway novel reads. It’s a beer that can just be consumed with grace in your backyard. But if you desire a meditation on beer all the major themes are present: the drama of malt, the tragedy of hops, balanced in yeasty water.

Join Me For A Plate Of …

The Conclusion Of The Matter Is …
Good show, Mother Road. Your hop schedule for this amber is well done, providing bouquet and noticeable bitterness, but not overly so. Balance is the key here, and it’s a giant brass key to the city of beer. Rock on.

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