I profess ignorance.  Though I have consumed Dogfish Head beers for many years I never bothered to find out what the actual “dogfish” was.  It’s a shark.  A dogfish shark.   This was discovered because I have been seeking beers to recommend for this weekend.  In honor of Shark Week I sought beers that were shark themed.  Lo!  Behold!  Dogfish Head qualifies.

Thus, this weekend partake of any Dogfish Head beer you can find.  The 60 or 90 Minute IPA.  Namaste.  India Brown Ale.  Midas Touch.  Whatever is available.

If you don’t get Dogfish Head then try for a Lost Coast beer; specifically their Great White.

Perhaps you are fortunate enough to have access to Port Brewing’s beers.  Grab Shark Attack.

And, of course, I best not forget Mudshark Brewing.  Any of their offerings are welcome, too.

Well, lots and lots of choices for this end of the week!  Check out this slide show for a few more ideas.


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