I’m suffering from a bout with melancholy this week. So what beer shall compliment that feeling?

Hey, I know, how about some beers that I probably can’t find in this town?

So, a dunkelweizen sounds good. One description of them is "brown and murky." That fits how I feel. Sam Adams has some dunkelweizen; it may be available here somewhere. Kwik Stop may have some, now that I think of it. I have also read that Desert Eagle Brewing has a dunkelweizen. If any of the brewers/owners, etc., are reading this, well, first thanks for reading; second, send me a dunkelweizen. I had some of their beers at a beer fest last year. Not bad. I’d love to try some more.

Another choice is a cream ale or a kolsch. I haven’t had any in who knows how long and it’s a beer style that is sometimes neglected, forgotten, overlooked. That fits melancholy. Hey, Four Peaks has a kolsch-style beer. Sunbru. I’ll see if I can snag a sixer of that.

[tag dunkelweizen, cream ale, murky, melancholy, Sam Adams, Desert Eagle, kolsch, Four Peaks]

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