There is future and there is past and there is mystery in a glass. It is called Wagonwheel, a brown ale from Black Bridge. I’ve written briefly about it before. Here’s another taste.

That Smell …
It smells like paint. Well, maybe some stain fell off the wagon and into the brewing vessels. Weird.

In Appearance ...
I prefer perspicuity in speech, writing, actions, and my beer. Wagonwheel lacks such clarity, preferring to be brown and murky like a hefeweizen that has spent too much time in the Arizona sun. The question thus becomes: is there mystery in the depths of this pint?

But the Taste …
August. It tastes like August. What does that even mean? Well, it tastes as if it were a month and a half old. Now, let us not equate that with “bad.” As beer geeks we realize that old and musty and artistically crafted staleness can be good. Such is the case here, whether by design or not I cannot discern. August is also a workhorse of a month and it promises autumn and cooler weather to come. Wagonwheel is a harbinger of stouts and dark spiced ales and other heavy stuff to come.

Oh, there were the hops. I just burped them. They’re in the background, as they should be. I can also taste Bazooka gum? And lemons? Really? Well, for an English style brown that would be appropriate. And those flavors are subdued.

Join Me For A Plate Of …
Fully loaded Jethro fries from Redneck’s Southern Pit BBQ

The Conclusion Of The Matter Is …
Wagonwheel is a well done brown ale, bringing back the highlights of summer and foreshadowing the luscious brews to come. It is expectation in sixteen ounces.

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