It is a national favorite. It is the elite of the craft beer styles, people are all agog over it. This India Pale Ale style has yet to convince me that it deserves such adulation but, since I pretend to be liberal and tolerant, I allow it opportunity. Herein lies my impressions of Deschutes’ Inversion IPA.

That Smell …
The aroma is sultry and hypnotic like the redolence of a first date. Recall how intoxicating was the perfume and girly lotions and all that. You just couldn’t think clearly and you were captivated. Such is the sugary citrus nose of Inversion.

In Appearance …
Be awed by the perfectly tanned body of this IPA, gold and orange graced by the Rays of Sol. A beautifully coiffed head that looks crafted and smooth and will last the night.

But the Taste …
Alas, it tastes like the date ended badly and bitter. That hop bitterness simply inhabits the whole beer. For me, that flattens the beer depriving it of voluptuous nuances of malt and spice and yeast and alcohol. But I will not say it is badly proportioned. This is an IPA I could drink, though I don’t drink IPAs.

Join Me For A Plate Of …

The Conclusion Of The Matter Is …
Peace, wretch and drink thy beer without offense – or so I paraphrasedly read in the Odyssey. If one must have India Pale Ales this one at least does not defile the palate like poor vocabulary and bad grammar; it is well spoken but not yet erudite. Good show.

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