I have seven podcast subscriptions. Three of them are monthly magazines, two are dedicated to language, one of those being the podcast version of A Way With Words, a brilliant show that utterly changed the way I viewed grammar and dialect.  Number seven is Mission Log, a show all about Star Trek. Yes, I am one of those Trek geeks.  I binge-listened to this show for weeks. Now I’m current, forced to listen to one episode a week. It’s torture. 

Podcasts are cool. Some of them. They suffer from the same issues that plague any kind of media. They need to balance useful content with the right amount of time and have appealing hosts. There are some good shows listed in this article over at Big Think. In fact, that article was what sparked my desire, again, to do my own podcast. Just ask my family – periodically I obsess over having my own show and recording it and editing it and … they just roll their eyes. I understand totally. 

But I’ve just always loved the idea of having a radio show. I have done a little audio editing some years ago using Audacity. Thought it was great.  Of course, the problem is that I just like the recording and editing side of the whole podcasting venture. What’s that?  Oh, the show needs content?  Oh. Right. The great hangup. Content. 

Well, whatever, I say!  While visiting the studios of Last Minute Audio here in Kingman I chatted with the guys there about doing a podcast. They had no objection to allowing me to use the studio, I just couldn’t use their equipment right now. Perhaps in the future, they say.  I think they agreed to let me in simply because I bring beer.  

Did you know that you can do a podcast using beer, an iPhone and Garage Band?   Well, maybe you can. I hear that a beer related, time wasting, mildly entertaining podcast may soon be available. Don’t know all the details, but who knows what can happen when beer is involved. 

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