I’ve had this sixer for weeks now. I know nothing about the brewery it comes from. It says it was aged on tequila barrel staves. Those are the wood strips that comprise a barrel’s body. They couldn’t age it IN a barrel? Just on the wooden leftovers. 

Hey … is that like beechwood aging?

I may throw up. 

That Smell
It smells like honey, then flowers, mostly sugar. But after a second, when those dissipate, the tequila breaks through like a dirigible ascending through cumulus clouds. 

In Appearance
The beer is preternaturally clear, hypnotically beautiful to stare at and yellow gold. The head is vanilla white and thin and short lived. 

But The Taste
So, it has the synthetic lemon lime flavor of Sprite and wispy cola-like gaseous stuff rises from body at the first gulp. The body is sticky, but not as light as I would’ve imagined. Then there’s the sugar. Have I mentioned the sugar? It’s just so … there, everywhere. It’s too much. There must be half a barrel of agave syrup dumped in each bottle. 

Join Me For A Plate Of
Sorry, I got nothing here. 

The Conclusion Of The Matter
There’s something that bothers me about this beer. It’s packaging is the first clue that something is afoot. It’s eye catching, a skull with bluish eye sockets. It comes in a clear bottle but exhibits no off smells. It has a twist off cap. Bad signs, to me. 

It’s called Oculto, referencing the occult which seems to be an obsession in this country. The word can also also mean “concealing”. What this beer is concealing is just what the heck it’s supposed to be! Even after drinking six of them, I don’t understand it. 
So it’s not tied to any style, comes in a clear bottle with a twist off cap and doesn’t know who it is but begs people to drink it. This has got to be a corporate beer. Gotta be. I cannot in good conscience recommend it. And it takes forever to drink. 

4 thoughts on “Oculto by Broken Barrel Brewing Company

  1. I should have saved the 6.99/6pk, but the “logo” got me. Ugh, for somebody who likes even Hamms this was not a good choice. I understand it is made by Bush, and if that is true I totally understand the mistake. At least at 6% I can endure for 5 more bottles.

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