Black Butte Porter Cap

I like to feature bottle caps in some of my pictures. Something about how they are bent is intriguing. It’s a reminder of the cool physics and chemistry at work in the drink ready to be consumed. It’s also a symbol of craft beer; none of those silly twist-off caps here …

This picture also has a nice shot of the beer label. Some of them are intriguing such as this  from Speakeasy. Cool black and white skyline, a dirigible.  This label seems to reference the Prohibition time period, but also seems steampunk-ish.  Cool.

What?  There should always be plenty of bottle openers around.  I really like the ring opener.  I’ve made that and the blue multitool (with a bottle opener) part of my everyday carry (EDC).  There are probably one or two openers that I forgot to include in this picture.  Truly, it would be hard to remove the above noted bottle caps without a bottle opener.  I think they deserve to be included in the “tangential” category of this month’s Session.

Coasters are useful for protecting tables and also starting conversations.  We recently went to Las Vegas and met some new friends.  While at lunch, I noticed our host had several coasters on his table – all from craft breweries.  So, we had an instant connection and one source for locution.  Had a great time.

The coaster below was acquired at a Great American Beer Festival a few years ago.



And one other interesting piece of detritus:



Yes, a pallet.  And because it pleases me, I imagine it came directly from the Sapporo brewery.

2 thoughts on “Flotsam, Jetsam and Me

  1. Hey, thanks for taking on the topic for The Session #101 — Bottles, Caps and Other Beer Detritus. I enjoyed your writing and share many of the same thoughts. Well, except for the pallet thing. But it did make me laugh. I, too, include bottle caps in many of my photos and find brewery/bar coasters great-useable collectables. Geez, I even have a growing number of bottle openers. Prost!

    Jack Perdue

    1. Thanks Jack! I’m glad you like the post. Thanks for the topic. I think I need to make a wall of bottle caps. That might be entertaining. Oh, even better, I’ll snag that pallet and glue caps all over it!

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