Here are some old beer notes.  It had been my goal when I made them to turn them into beer reviews, but I was prevented in various ways.  These are all Black Bridge beers, perhaps these unadulterated notes will provide a semblance of guidance to beer drinkers.

Fat Bastard
Aged two years in rum barrel.  Inspired by Innis & Gunn Wee Heavy.
They age in Carribbean rum barrels.  B3 ages in Diamond Distillery rum barrels.

Innis says their wee heavy is “surprisingly light.”  Not the the case for Fat Bastard.  Heavy, thick body.

Rum is completely prominent. In the nose, in the body, aftertaste. Like a rum cake, really. Bready dough sopped up with rum. A little vanilla there in the back, a specter.

Beauty color, ruby red.

Warm. Seriously a good winter beer but I’ll drink it now (September).

Uses imported Scottish malt for authenticity.

Stout Chocula
Perfectly dark as a stout should be.
It is dry, not arid really, it’s the Mohave vs the Sahara.
The chocolate is discernible in the nose and the body. Nicely done.

80 Shilling
Goes right good with spaghetti. Surprisingly. Me not like spaghetti
Moderate body. Nice foam, but not aggressive carbonation

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