Sunday’s are an admixture of leisure and dread.  On Friday the weekend begins and heralds relief from the labors of the week. However, that same weekend can bring other work: domestic chores, hobbies, home and car maintenance – all the stuff that can’t be done during the week often schedule themselves for Friday and Saturday. When Sunday dawns, perhaps those chores are complete and leisure does unveil itself. But it is short lived for Monday is coming, like that freight train at the end of the tunnel. Leisure and dread, waltzing to cognitive disharmony.

Black Bridge has started to open its doors on Sunday’s and perhaps it can mollify that dreadful waltz.  Brewer and owner Tim Schritter takes over the Sirens Cafe kitchen and cooks brunch-worthy items: fried egg sandwiches, chorizo & egg burritos, pozole. It does not aspire to be haute cuisine but it is a satisfying menu that tastes homemade.

The fried egg sandwich was recommended and the recommendation was good. It is fried eggs and bacon on sourdough bread, toasted with smoked provolone cheese. Since the egg was requested over easy the sandwich was gloriously messy and tasty. Also consumed was the chorizo burrito notable for not being a greasy mess that inundated hands and plate.  The pozole had some tender pork and a decent salsa heat.  Mr Schritter is a good cook in addition to being a good brewer.

The homemade character of the Sunday Funday makes it an event worth attending. In addition to the food that will not disappoint is Black Bridge’s signature beermosas. Admittedly, this writer did not know to what the -mosa suffix referred.  A conference with a spouse and some quick internet research has revealed that a mimosa is a cocktail of champagne and orange juice.   Black Bridge substitutes their beer for the champagne and the substitution is good.  The orange juice is a toothsome complement to B3 Wheat.  Wicked Ginger is appropriate, too, but the ginger ale and the orange juice may be in some competition, although the ginger beermosa was much smoother on the palate.  The B3 Wheat beermosa presented more aggressive carbonation.  They were both very morningy.

Add to all the above the usual affable buzz and an NFC playoff game and it makes for a pleasant morning.  Sunday Funday occurs on every Sunday at Black Bridge Brewery from 10 am to 4 pm.  Cheers!

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