Friday came and my thoughts drifted to Black Bridge Brewery. After work I drove directly there. Jen had my favorite Pandora station playing, Def Leppard Radio. The soothing, solid riffs of “Animal” poured out of B3, elegant and beautiful like the Locomotive Stout that filled my glass. 

These things are what make a town’s local brewery successful. The connections. The interest in customers. The support of those customers for the businesses in their community. The casual, friendly, personable ambiance of Black Bridge makes it a cool haunt.  

It encourages my ambivertness. Maybe that needs explanation. There are introverts and extroverts right? The introverts recharge their good selves in solitude. The extroverts need activity and social connection. According to a buddy, I am an ambivert; I’m quite comfortable either way. Sitting alone with a stout or a Scottish export is terribly relaxing. I’ll walk away from it as happy as can be. But I really like chatting with the folks at B3. They’ve got cool intel on the happenings downtown. I’m finding out some engrossing back story, too. Being in the right place at the right time and employing ambivertness I sometimes get samples of pending beers. And that is just cool. 

So, Scorched Earth will be on tap soon. I’ve been waiting for it to return. If you like beer with hot peppers in it, this is an outstanding example of the style. And if like Evil Red, well, Scorched Earth is built from it with some additional malt to help balance the spicery. 

Imagine a cutting board with hot, hot peppers chopped up all over it. You scrape up those pulpy remains and toss it in a glass. Add am amber ale and a couple ounces of IPA. Voila! This is the piquancy of Scorched Earth. You can smell the heat, the rinds of habanero. Some habanero will be in the kegs and some ghost pepper. 

My lips perceived a somatic sensation of burning, a numbing. I could feel a specter of heartburn, a fire swelling in my gut. Generally descriptions such as that would cause people to be concerned for their health. They may think twice about ingesting a substance that would cause pain and discomfort. Well, what’s life without a bit of fun and risk, eh? Don’t worry, it won’t kill you or anything. It’s just going to be a hot beer. 

Tim said there was some hops in the batch, too. He said you had to really concentrate to find them. I guess I suck at concentration. I did drink Scorched Earth with an Evil Red, its parent. I could taste those hops. It made its offspring dry. Interesting. 
Watch for its release in the coming week. 

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