It is spring.  The light comes early.  Thoughts turn to the estate and its upkeep.  This includes proper landscaping and organization of the garage.  All such things have gone undone during the dark of winter.

Any project I  undertake has a beer factor.  Since, theoretically, my cognitive skills will be engaged with the tasks noted in the opening paragraph that same cognition cannot be derailed by dissecting a home brew.  Therefore I need to brew a beer that is light like the season, refreshing and easy on the palate and the neurons.

In my recipe register there is a dark mild.  It is named Herald.  It brews fast, two weeks from mash tun to bottle.  It seems a good idea to take that recipe and modify it slightly.  A little pilsner malt and some wheat in place of the chocolate.  I’m just not sure which yeast to use yet.  American Ale or Kolsch?  I’m leaning towards the Kolsch strain.

My inner eye has seen the mash.  I have seen the transference of liquid.  I can envision the krausen.  It must be done.

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