Last week I was able to attend the Made in the Shade beer festival in Flagstaff, AZ. As usual, it was a pleasant three hours of sampling beers. Two things came out of the visit:

1. To the organizers of the festival:  Please reconsider using GringoDillas food truck for next year’s festival.  The food was adequate, but they were either totally unprepared or woefully disorganized. A thirty minute wait for a Chicago dog is unnecessary.

2. Hangar 24 is a craft brewery in Redlands, CA.  They are planning on opening a brewery in Lake Havasu City by July 4 this year.  I first came across Hangar 24 in Boulder, NV at that city’s beer festival earlier this year.  They were also at Kingman’s fourth annual beer fest. Brewery owner Ben Cook has been brewing for about six years, according to their website.  According to the staff at the beer tents, the brewery has been open for about eight years and is independently owned.  They plan on opening near the airport in Havasu which harmonizes with their aviation motif. Maybe they’ll think of Kingman at some point, since aviation is a big part of Kingman economy, according to our recent general plan.  Their beers were enjoyable; I tried their Orange Wheat in Boulder and Wheels Up, a Helles Lager, in Flagstaff.  Nice work.

Good beer continues to arrive in Mohave County.  Can’t be upset about that.  Cheers!

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