I’ve been drinking craft beer – or indie beer, if you prefer that moniker – for two decades now. In the late 90s, whence I started the journey, there was no place to get good beer in this town. So I resorted to making my own. That is a choice I’ve never regretted. 

At some point in the mid to late 2000s I was alerted to the Kwik Stop and told of their enigmatic “beer cave.”  It was a small walk in cooler at the back of the store. There were maybe two dozen choices. I started getting all my beer there.  Thus was I introduced to Trappisete Rochefort, Ommegang’s Three Philosophers (and others), Chimay, and several lambics. That’s right, I was drinking anything sour before it was the cool thing to do and Kwik Stop helped me do it. 

So for years the Kwik Stop fueled my beer engine and this blog, since many of the beers on this blog came from there.  Cheers and thanks!  

The beerscape in Kingman has changed in the past four years, to be sure. In a great way. We have our own local brewery which is distributing throughout Kingman, including the Kwik Stop. Kwik Stop itself has at least doubled the size of its beer cave, has over four hundred beers and has had a growler filling station for a year now. 
Today they commemorated their one year with discounts on growler purchases and growler fills and they gave away some cool beer swag. It’s still a cool place and has even more great beer. Go check them out!

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